Video and Audio Teleconferencing

Video and Audio Teleconferencing

See and hear what you need to, when you need to

Higher education audiovisual systems aren’t just for classrooms, student lounges lecture halls, and other student areas. Board rooms and meeting rooms, used by Deans and upper level university staff, are outfitted with AV systems that allow them to make important university decisions efficiently.

Some of the most prevalent board room and meeting room systems are video and audio teleconferencing. These systems, featuring TVs, high definition pan-tilt-zoom cameras, microphones in the table or the ceiling, video conferencing processors and audio digital signal processors, allow users to communicate and collaborate face-to-face (or voice-to-voice) in real time.

Video conferencing processors, depending on the application, can be hardware-based (like Cisco and Polycom) or software-based (like BlueJeans and Skype) – either way, they take video and transmit it over IP to the other end of the call. Teleconferencing is prevalent in the corporate world, the hospitality world, and even the K12 world – and it is certainly common in higher education as well. Video conferencing systems are also used in the classroom for distance learning.

  • Executive Board rooms
  • Large Meeting Rooms
  • Corporate Training rooms
  • Huddle Rooms
  • Small Space Meeting rooms
  • Writing Boards
    • Green Chalk boards
    • White marker boards
  • Pinup boards
  • Projection Screens
    • Insta lock
    • Tripod Screens
  • Motorized
  • Automated Bell System
  • Visualizer
  • Wireless Slate

Writing Boards

Green Chalk boards

  • Anti glare surface
  • Scratch proof & water proof,
  • Accept Magnet
  • 20 years surface warranty
  • Chromium Plated Corners
  • Anodized Aluminium Channel
  • bacteria resistant
  • Graffiti Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • E3 Poly vision Green Ceramic Surface
  • E3 green ceramic Steel sheet with magnetic surface

Board Size (Inches)

2*3, 4*3, 4*4, 5*4, 6*4, 8*4, 10*4, 12*4,16*4

White marker boards

  • Anti Glare Surface
  • Scratch Proof
  • Water Proof
  • Accept Magnet
  • 20 years surface warranty
  • can be used as projector screen
  • Chromium plated corners

Board Size (Inches)

24" x 36", 60" x 48", 4*3, 4*4, 6*4, 8*4, 10*4, 12*4,

Pinup boards

  • Anti Glare
  • Accept Magnet
  • Water Proof
  • Chromium Plated Corners

Projection Screens

Insta Lock Projector Screen

The Screen Technics Brand Insta lock screen is mounted on the wall or ceiling and pulled down to any required height. This allows the user to write in straight line, creating a much clearer presentation. on the screen .It is just same of the the wall and ceiling screen for much detail click on here.

Key Benefits

It Is Easy To Hang On Wall With Only Two Kneel.

It Can Easily Attach On Any Type Of Base Wall And Roof.

It Can Easily Pulled Up And Pull Down.

There Is No Need For Bottom Kneel.

Feature Available in the given below fabric

Tripod Stand Projector Screen

It comes with stand where Screen goes from down to upwards & hook is fixed on the upper portion of the stand which has three legs.

The screen is made from a matte white, high-resolution material that produces distortion-free images. This adjustable projector screen retracts smoothly and provides a properly tensioned viewing surface. A durable steel carrying case is also included.

Tripod Automatic Roll-back Spring Action

This is a Tripod type screen. it consists of the viewing surface rolled over a spring roller and encased in a barrel (box type casing). There are no brackets but instead, a folding, mobile TRIPOD stand is in cooperated in the design enabling mobility of the screen and setting up anywhere on flat ground.

Key Benefits

It Is Mobile Screen Which Can Easily Move From One Place To Another Place.

It Is Single Stand Screen Which Can Stand On Any Flat Ground.

Motorised Projector Screen

Our Screen Technics Motorised Projection Screens help you to present professionally crafted presentations to portray your organization deliver training materials and get valuable attention. They are ideal for use in company corporate boardrooms, hotel conference rooms, school and college class rooms, auditoria and home theatres. They provide the luxury of automation are easy to install and can also be easily cleaned.

3-position control switch or radio-remote control stops or reverses screen direction at any point in the operating cycle.

Ideal for professionally crafted presentations, the motorized screens available with us are electrically operated with a remote or switch. These screens help in effective deliverance of presentations.

Used in various company corporate boardrooms, conferences, school & college classrooms, institutes, auditorium, meetings and even at home theatre, these motorized screen are available at cost effective rates.

The various features that these motorized screens have are:
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Designed for controlled and uniform rolling of screen fabric
  • Quiet operation of the motor
  • Can be lowered or raised using a switch
  • Electrically operated , Wall or ceiling mounted
  • Robust square or hexagonal case in powder coated metal casin

Visualizer / Document Scanner

Visualizers transform teaching and learning in the classroom, and are also a powerful meeting presentation tool for business. Speak to us as visualizer specialists, and start presenting text, images and objects to captivate your classroom or meeting room.

Automated Bell System

An automatic bell system for schools or institutions reduces the effort necessary to control an electric bell manually that gives alarm for certain intervals of time based on school or college timings. The proposed system uses a simple basic microcontroller to make the product affordable. Generally conservative methods need a peon or bell operator to control the bell system for every class and intermission in schools and also institutions. Such systems require plenty human efforts to do so, and need progress in order to become automatic – the ones that reduce human efforts.