Digital signage & Display

Digital Signage

Communicate rich, dynamic content throughout your corporate space. Many organizations have discovered the benefits of digital signage as an efficient, cost-effective communications platform to deliver rich dynamic content. Thanks to a reduction in the basic cost of hardware, combined with advances in software, the user-base for digital signage systems has expanded. Digital signage systems are finding a place in both large and small organizations. Our digital signage systems are used to create, manage, and deliver digital content over TVs, plasma screens, interactive kiosks, desktop PCs or mobile devices. These displays can be located in lobby areas, interactive kiosks, training centers, meeting rooms or break rooms.

Use these systems to:
  • Promote events and information
  • Deliver emergency announcements more effectively
  • Display industry news or other RSS feeds
  • Show event schedules
  • Supplement training or product announcements
  • Boost morale and improve communications
  • Incorporate live information like weather, traffic, and stock price
  • Broadcast performance and inventory statistics
  • Personalize visitor greetings
  • Promote special offers
  • Supplement knowledge sharing
  • Advertise loyalty programs and sign up procedures

Information Kiosk

Information kiosk is a square physical structure with a display and a computer terminal which gives information to the people who pass by. They are usually placed in shopping malls for the promotion of any particular product, even for navigation within the mall, in Airports, libraries.

More sophisticated kiosk lets users interact and include touch screens, motion video with a customized kiosk software installed in it. Usually, The information kiosk placed in place where the people potential is more. By leveraging this any business can also do marketing with the information kiosk. They can also attract the targeted customers towards their business.