Digital Information Display

Digital Information System

Welcome students and guests with your brand displayed on clean digital signage systems

Your reception area is at the heart of your college’s department. It is the first and last impression your visitors will experience. The role of the reception area has changed in today’s colleges and universities. The environment must easily accommodate a variety of different functions. Digital Signage greets your guest in a friendly manner by displaying corporate branding, current news and weather, projecting warm and welcoming background music, and welcoming your guest by name. Flat panel displays seamlessly integrated into the architecture keep traffic paths clear and provide wide viewing angles ensuring a clean view wherever they are mounted. Presentation Products will create an experience for your guests that reflects your values, creates lasting impressions and makes visitors and staff feel welcome and at home.

  • Digital signage cuts cutting costs
  • Digital signage enhances the learning experience
  • It improves information dissemination
  • It improves your image
  • It improves safety