Board Room and Conference Room Solutions

Board room solutions

Prepare your Corporate Board Room as a critical decision center with reliable Audiovisual & Unified Communications integration

Future era designs board room audiovisual solutions for the tough decisions made in today’s fast-paced world resulting in more efficient meetings and better decision making.  The director’s ability to facilitate teamwork is essential to the success of those strategic, tactical, and operational decisions.

A properly designed, easy-to-use audiovisual system will provide an equal meeting experience for all those seated in the room as well as those attending remotely via audio or video conferencing. Large screens and outstanding image quality that can be easily viewed at the sides and rear of the room can be shared with remote participants via web and video conferencing. Analog and high definition digital connectivity for all types of media including Wacom,Apple and PC based computers from multiple points in the rooms are essential in today’s meeting rooms. Audio systems that support program audio and room-based Audio Conferencing with a combination of wearable wireless and wired microphones, speakers at the front of the room and recessed in the ceiling guarantee intelligibility, supporting accurate and swift decision-making.

  • Executive Board rooms
  • Large Meeting Rooms
  • Corporate Training rooms
  • Huddle Rooms
  • Small Space Meeting rooms


Our AV conference rooms help organizations of all size improve their ability to communicate, share ideas and discuss topics of importance.  We provide and support all the advanced tools of business communication, while consciously removing all the distractions advanced technology often presents.

With advanced but simplified features such as control panels with one-touch operation, we’ve removed the need for technical know-how and extensive training to use the systems we provide.  This means your staff can immediately benefit from advanced audio visual presentation systems, without previous user experience or extensive training common in our industry.

Our sophisticated, but simple to use AV systems are a great solution for organizations looking for modern conferencing capabilities.  Contact us today to discuss your particular needs and learn how your organization can immediately benefit from the tailor made AV conference rooms we provide.