Language Lab

Language Lab

Modern language labs in general offer the following

Text, images, audio and video can easily be integrated; teachers can alter materials to fit their requirements.

Learners can record their own voice and play back the recordings, interact with each other and the teacher, and store results.

Teachers can intervene and control the learners’ computers via the teacher’s console, track of learners’ work, etc.

Self-access for independent learning which includes access to resources outside class The purpose of a language lab is to involve students to actively participate in language learning exercises and get more practice than otherwise possible in a traditional classroom environment.

Common components in a modern language lab:

Teacher has a computer with appropriate software for conducting language exercises.

Teacher and students wear headsets that block outside sounds and disturbances.

Students have a media player/recorder for listening to audio and recording speech.

Teacher and student positions are connected via LAN (local area network), in some cases also via separate audio cabling.

A server computer or a separate storage device is often used to store lesson materials in a digital format.