K-12 Classroom

K-12 Classroom

Prepare your students for the 21st century with digital technology in the classroom

Today’s students live, learn and play in a multimedia world. Future Era will help you transform your classrooms into centers of interactive learning, students are engaged and teachers are inspired. Independent research conducted around the world over the past decade shows that using Interactive Whiteboards improve student engagement, achievement, motivation and attendance, as well as teacher productivity.

We design and install easy to use audiovisual learning solutions for the education market that bring the riches of the internet into the classroom. Through interactive whiteboards, sound, and video, our classrooms are designed to support 21st Century learning and assessment supporting information and communications skills, thinking and problem-solving skills, interpersonal and self-directional skills and digital technology and communication skills.

Our designs feature Multi touch interactive Whiteboards, interactive response systems, projectors, sound systems, document cameras, assessment tools and assisted listening systems.