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Interactive White Board Systems / Multi Touch LED Panels

Welcome To The Active Classroom

Active classroom creates successful, 360° Educational environment by connecting technology to human ingenuity. Our solution is an integrated system of hardware, software, training and resources designed by educators for educators. Active classroom strengthen teachers on creating their own lesson plans, presentations and activities on their own respective fields. Delivering dynamic content has been made easier with our solution.

Promethean AB 78 Touch

  IR Technology
  78' Diagonal
  Multi-touch functionality
  Award winning software
  5 lakhs + Resources

Smart-SB 480

  DViT Technology
  77' Diagonal
  Best-in-Class Resources
  Award winning software

Specktron DVT 82

  DVT Technology
  82' Diagonal
  Multi Touch Board
  Anti-light Interface

Multi Touch LED Panels for Boardroom

  Multu touch functionality
  HD Display
  Single Cable Connectivity
  Plug & Play
  55" Onwards

  Ultra HD 4K resolution
  Premium touch Experience
  Pen and object ID
  Seamless Collaboration
  65" Diagonal


Digital Signage & Display LG

Digital Signage & Display SAMSUNG


Digital Podium

Audio Podium


White Marker Board

Green Chalk Board

Pinup Board


Wireless Slate , Visualizers , Learner Response Systems

Wall Mount Kit , Ceiling Mount Kit , Motorized Projector Lift , Cables

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